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Dear a visitor!
Let audit your firm, with an external advisor!

Takes advantage with the oppurtunity and reveal up your firm’s strong and weak process – trough LEAN glassees!

Reveals it, wich those processes/ areas, wich development of his, may make his firm more efficient and more successful!

The total LEAN audit only personally, at your firm, we can do it together with you and your colleagues. (His time span, our experiences until now, two workdays.)

In as much the opportunity interests it, please, let him indicate two times suiting you in the time.pngCalendar . Our colleagues digest your data and you are informed about the authentication of the time shortly. To the usage of the calendar has to register what he may do clicking on the undermentioned link. home.pngRegistration

From the undermentioned areas receives assessment:

The 1. Workplace forming/ 5S,
The 2. Visual management,
The 3. The quality of employees' elastic application,
The 4. Salary, motivational one being effective,
The 5. Employee groups' self-reliance,
The 6. Teamwork (colleague co-operation) your quality,
The 7. Goal and success-oriented,
The 8. Workplaces/ operational the standardised of places,
The 9. The exclusion of the opportunity of a mistake,
The 10. Machine~ equipments being available,
The 11. With suppliers truth the quality of a contact,
The 12. The measure of losses,
The 13. Substance flow (losses originating from intermediary storage)
The 14. Push/ pull production,
The 15. Manufacturer cells,
The 16. Product-oriented technological arrangement,
The 17. Production evennes,
The 18. Conversion from one of the products onto the other one,
The 19. The continuity of the correction of the system
The 20. The structured of the problem solving,
The 21. PDCA,
The 22. Six sigmas,
The 23. FMEA.


Here you can see the valuation in the radardiagram details.pngRadardiagram

Lehel's Management binds it to a registration the full LEAN audit. We provide 50 percent of discount for our registered clients, or if he would like to have this prepared as a guest, some the survey and its evaluation, 230.000- Ft + VAT we prepare it for a prize. (Your time span, two workdays.)
Let two mark a term in our calendar. Our colleagues digest their data and You are informed about the authentication of the time shortly.


mail.pngMay write your questions here
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Let him check your production processes o-line=drastic reduction of cost: details.pngTPC system
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